Leadership River Falls Youth

What is Leadership River Falls Youth?

Mission: Leadership River Falls Youth is dedicated to providing a comprehensive learning experience that fosters personal growth and cultivates community leadership. Participants will develop skills, knowledge, and a deepened understanding of self and the contexts in which one lives and grows, through an exploration of community issues, personal values, and avenues of involvement.

Vision: To develop leadership qualities and opportunities for community engagement for 8th grade students within the city of River Falls via a collaborative and engaging non-traditional learning environment.

How will 8th grade students benefit from Leadership River Falls Youth?
  • Leadership skills (an opportunity to lead with character – The Wildcat Way)
  • Awareness of, and respect for, community needs
  • Recognition and understanding of personal values and strengths
  • Knowledge and understanding of civic and social issues
  • Personal growth and consideration of future career pathway opportunities
  • Communication and interpersonal skills (building relationships)
  • Decision-making, team-building, and group facilitation skills
Program: Following a one-day retreat in August, participants meet for eight (8) full-day sessions (7:30 a.m.-2 p.m.), September through May (no session in December or April). The program focuses on applying leadership skills to facets of the River Falls community, including natural resources, government, community life, business/industry, education, and health and human services. In addition, participants contribute to a group community service project designed to address community needs and to identify systems and methods to affect positive change.

Goals and Objectives:
The goals of Leadership River Falls Youth:
  • To acquaint young people with significant community processes, programs and problems;
  • To teach young people about community involvement opportunities, special challenges, and demands;
  • To improve understanding of various economic, social and political forces impacting the community;
  • To support collaborative communities that maximize youth leadership and empowerment;
  • To nurture a sense of stewardship and community responsibility;
  • To develop communication and interpersonal skills;
  • To model analytical and critical reflection;
  • To develop skills that facilitate leadership, such as: active listening, public speaking; debate and compromise; decision-making; collaboration and group facilitation; self-assessment and reflection;
  • To develop a sense of belonging in the school and community;
  • To develop a network of future community talent for engagement and service on public and private commissions, agencies, organizations and associations;
  • To instill sincere concern for, and commitment to help shape, a community sense of well-being.

Leadership River Falls Youth 2017-2018 Program Calendar

Date Leadership Line-up Wildcat Character Status
Friday, August 18 Retreat-program kick-off Courage No School
Friday, September 15 Natural Resources Respect Absent
Monday, October 9 Education Perseverance In-service Day
Friday, November 10 Community & Heritage Compassion In-service Day
Monday, January 15 Business & Industry Responsibility & Positive Attitude In-service Day
Monday, February 19 Health & Human Services Cooperation In-service Day
Friday, April 2 Government Citizenship In-service Day
Friday, May 18 Graduation Celebration Honesty In-service Day

2017 Leadership River Falls Application  - Online

2017 Leadership River Falls Application - Print

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